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Vinyl Recording

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Vinyl Color
Vinyl :

            Innersleeve included

How to send your files:

Made a folder with the name of the vinyl with inside your songs and eventually your label.

Organize your songs with the sequence that you prefer (example: song 1,2,3 side A; song 1,2,3 side B) and being carefull that the duration of one side is under the limit duration already choice.

Send all the songs in wav format.

Compress the folder before you send it to us (example: zip,rar format).

Send your folder through the web site "WeTransfer" ( and make sure that the name of the folder is name of the vinyl.

By agreeing to the terms and services i state that:

-Vinyl2go GmbH and its employees assume no responsibilities for any copyright infringements. All permissions and licensing agreements are under the responsibility of the client.

-Me the client declares that i am the copyright holder.

-The owner shall not be liable for audio file’s copyright in any case due to inappropriate behaviors and uses by client.

-Owner agrees to produce music with the quality and quantity required by the client under the terms and conditions agreed.

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A good Vinyl comes from a good Mastering!

We offer a qualified Mastering service specially designed for Vinyls.

For the sake of quality please upload the highest possible file quality.

Our vinyls are made with PVC blanks, the same material of pressed vinyls. Compared to standard records our product sounds better in most of the cases. Our records are durable as pressed vinyls and can be cut up to +9dB*, achieving a higher sound level and intensity.

* = volume depends on the playing time, so if longer tracks have to be cut on the vinyl the volume has to be lowered and the noise floor will increase. 

The source must be at the best quality, we accept .wav or .aiff .
If you are not sure about the quality of your audio material just send it to us!
We will listen it without any charge and obligation and we will feedback to you the required improvements.

How much music can I fit per side and how loud will the record be?

12″ single 9 minutes +9db
12” EP 13 Minutes +3/6db
12 Album 20 minutes 0db
10″ 45rpm 6 minutes +9db
10″ 33rpm 10 minutes +6db
7″ 45rpm 4 minutes +3db/6db