your track, your vinyl.

Masterig for Vinyl.

Vinyl printing services 12" / 10" / 7"

VINYL / Schallplatten / Dubplates 

Have you produced some music? 

Would you like to own a high quality copy on vinyl?


Our vinyl cutting service (material is PVC) realizes your own vinyl from your music and tone material.

We also offer an all-round package from mixing and mastering to cover production, videoclip and photo for artist’s booking.

The price range is from 20-46 € (7″ -5min to 12″ -25min each side), for label and cover we charge 1-30 €.

Berliner Vinylwerk’s team likes to consult you and show you various examples.


Vinyl2go is your exclusive record print service.

We professionally master your sound data as desired and bring it to your record.

You can also choose the cover design and we do everything else for you.

So we also master sound especially for DJs,

so that the club-scene gets "the right feeling".

Friends of all genres (Rock, Pop, Classical, Independent, Jazz, Soul, R & B, Heavy Metal, Techno, House, Fusion, etc.)

are advised individually. This creates exactly the sound you want.

The sound dynamics are unique. 



Our vinyls are made with PVC blanks, the same material of pressed vinyls. Compared to standard records our product sounds better in most of the cases. Our records are durable as pressed vinyls and can be cut up to +9dB*, achieving a higher sound level and intensity.

* = volume depends on the playing time, so if longer tracks have to be cut on the vinyl the volume has to be lowered and the noise floor will increase. 

The source must be at the best quality, we accept .wav or .aiff . If you are not sure about the quality of your audio material just send it to us! We will listen it without any charge and obligation and we will feedback to you the required improvements.

The Vinyl Recording must be associated with a qualified Mastering service, specially designed for Vinyls, to get a superior sound. If your masters does not comply with the minimum standards we can provide a mastering service in 2 Solutions: Digital or Analog Mastering for vinyl.